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Hacker attacks on German companies on the rise

Hacker attacks on German companies on the rise

German companies often victims of cyber attacks

Contrary to popular belief, German companies are very frequent targets of hackers and cyber criminals!

According to an article by Deutsche Welle, 19% of the 1000 companies surveyed recorded ransomware attacks in the last 12 months.

The ongoing pandemic is playing a significant role in the rise of cyber attacks. More and more employees work from home using unsecured private networks to communicate with company resources, which are a gateway for infections.

On average, the budget for information security is up massively in 2021, a full 62% compared to 2020. 

DriveByte and other IT security service providers can help your company proactively protect against cyber attacks, such as conducting ransomware vulnerability testing to protect your company's assets and avoid ransoms. 

Get in touch with the service provider you trust and ask for IT security consulting on ransomware or IT security in general.

As an orientation, DriveByte offers a service configurator with which you can compose your service including pricing.