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New DriveByte Service Configurator Inlcuding Pricing

New DriveByte Service Configurator Inlcuding Pricing

DriveByte Service Configurator Online and Operational

We are happy to announce that we have successfully implemented our Service Configurator and it is now accessible on our website

The Service Configurator enables an easy and straight forward service configuration to our customers’ needs whilst providing them an upper limit of the estimated costs. 

This feature reflects our devotion to customer orientation and transparency! 

We are trying to set an example by providing complex information security services such as Penetration Tests and Forensic Investigations whilst not confusing the customer and overload them with ubiquitous and hard to grasp information. While using the Service Configurator, the user is escorted through the desired service step-by-step while providing a concise and unmitigated description.

Make sure to visit our website if you are looking for you next Penetration Test, Forensic Investigation, or any type of IT-Security Consulting! We are offering heavy discounts for the first 100 customers that use our Service Configurator.