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Strategic Security Consulting

It is important to us to ensure qualified support before, during and after a security incident. For this reason, our experts at DriveByte offer security consulting services at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.


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At the strategic level, our experts first take stock of the situation and analyze why your company is experiencing security problems. 


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During the planning phase, a concept is developed that is individually tailored to your company and shows how IT security can be guaranteed in the future.


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Before the security concept is implemented, our experts perform a business impact analysis to identify possible attack vectors for hackers.


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Once the concept has been implemented, it must be regularly adapted to new laws, standards and other influencing factors. An expert from DriveByte is available to you as a long-term consultant.

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Technical Approach


The goal of Strategic Security Consulting is to help an enterprise understand why security problems exist. This is the first step of creating an enterprise-wide information security framework and starts by creating policies to address different scenarios. Information security policies provide a framework that ensures a secure development and operation of systems in a consistent and measurable manner. Enterprise-wide policies address internal and external factors, such as risks and threats. A Security Consultant can assist the customer in creating compatible and complementary policies that are compliant with federal, state, and local laws. Strategic security consulting focuses on high-level issues of functionality and not technologies. During a strategic consulting, stakeholders of information security, such as government regulators, shareholders, customer and employees, are at the focus. Additionally, laws and ethical principles, code of conduct and society needs are considered. A proactive approach to new threats and risks is imposed. A Security Consultant is experienced in executing a business impact analysis that identifies threats and possible attacks, correlating those to possible damages. The benefits of strategic security consulting are vast and include but are not limited to due diligence, feedback about risks impacting stakeholders, and a competitive advantage.