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Tactical Security Consulting

It is important to us to ensure qualified support before, during and after a security incident. For this reason, our experts at DriveByte offer security consulting services at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.


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Tactical security consulting begins by reviewing and analyzing all policies in your organization and ensuring compliance with your systems.


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Our experts specify your policies and prepare technical documents to make them standard. The focus is on planning and implementing new security activities in your company.




During the implementation phase, our experts help you create security domains and control procedures to secure corporate resources.


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We enable you to react correctly in the event of a security risk. Together with you, we set up an emergency management system that ensures business continuity.

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Technical Approach


During Tactical Security Consulting , a Security Consultant is focused on mitigating security problems. The priority is to ensure systems are developed and implemented in satisfaction with enforced policies. This task involves establishing standards, planning and implementing security activities. The consultant will provide valuable intel on defining tasks and responsibilities for personnel. The Security Consultant will assist the customer in tailoring and implementing security domains, perimeters and control procedures to protect enterprise assets. These activities include determining firewall types, which Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions to use, and how Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are implemented. As an output for this module, a collection of standards is created that support the security policies developed within the strategic security consulting.

Incident Response

Deals with detection and reaction to incidents.

Business Continuity

Deals with backup systems and sites to ensure continuity of operations.

Disaster Recovery

Deals with crisis management and recovery operations.