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DriveByte - Strategic, tactical and operational cyber security and consulting

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Strategic, tactical and operational cyber security and consulting

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True to our slogan "devoted to excellence", we take the quality of our work very seriously - because it's all about your data security. With CISSP and OSCP, we have renowned certifications in our industry that make us special.


What do we offer you? Security! With penetration tests, security consulting and digital forensics. We make your systems and data secure - tailored to your needs and transparent in execuction. 

About us

Information security is a sensitive topic that should only be placed in trustworthy hands. Get to know us and learn more about DriveByte, the people behind the company and what makes us your experts.

Our Mission

Why is information security important? Around 18 million germans were affected by cyber attacks in 2020 [1], and the estimated financial damage worldwide between 2019 and 2023 is around 4000 billion dollars [2]

[1,2] State 02.09.21


Latest News

Iranian Cyber Attack on Israel

Life momentarily came to a halt in the Israeli cities of Jerusalem and Eilat as air raid sirens were triggered, despite there being no projectile in motion. The Israeli military announced that they suspect the false alarm to have been triggered by a cybersecurity attack at the municipal levels, not via military systems. Iran is suspected to have triggered the air raid sirens in Israel, a reminder of their growing cyber warfare capabilities.

Windows 11 and a Zero-Trust Core Part 1

The need for modern security principles and end-to-end protection is as important as never and therefore Windows 11 was built on a principle of Zero-Trust.  The Zero-Trust model reminds of the Presumption of Guilt within Law: a defendant is guilty until proven innocent. In computers, this would mean that no device or user can have access until security and integrity is proven. Microsoft has also improved baselines by raising the requirements for both hardware and software to ensure a baseline protection from “chip to cloud”.

Ransomware: Definition, FAQs and Prevention

Ransomware, from the English "ransom software", is classified as aggressive malware that encrypts hard drives of PCs and other devices and locks out users until a ransom is paid. The classic consequences of a ransomware attack include downtimes and data theft.

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