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DriveByte - Strategic, tactical and operational cyber security and consulting

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Strategic, tactical and operational cyber security and consulting

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True to our slogan "devoted to excellence", we take the quality of our work very seriously - because it's all about your data security. With CISSP and OSCP, we have renowned certifications in our industry that make us special.


What do we offer you? Security! With penetration tests, security consulting and digital forensics. We make your systems and data secure - tailored to your needs and transparent in execuction. 

About us

Information security is a sensitive topic that should only be placed in trustworthy hands. Get to know us and learn more about DriveByte, the people behind the company and what makes us your experts.

Our Mission

Why is information security important? Around 18 million germans were affected by cyber attacks in 2020 [1], and the estimated financial damage worldwide between 2019 and 2023 is around 4000 billion dollars [2]

[1,2] State 02.09.21


Latest News

Inteset Secure Lockdown Multi Application Edition - Vulnerabilities and Hardening Measures

During a security audit for a customer, Raphael Kuhn from DriveByte GmbH discovered several vulnerabilities within inteset Secure Lockdown Multi Application Edition. In this article he discloses the bugs as well as some hardening measures that can be taken to avoid them being exploited.

LiveConfig Advisory (CVE-2024-22851)

During a security audit for a LiveConfig customer, Raphael Kuhn from DriveByte GmbH discovered a so-called Unauthenticated Path Traversal vulnerability in LiveConfig up to version 2.5.1.

Simple yet effective. The story of some simple bugs that led to the complete compromise of a network

By spying on the process creation of a UCS connected server with extensive permissions, it was possible to gather a large amount of LDAP data. This data includes different credentials and other authentication information. The vendor responded extremely professional and fixed the issues very quickly. He did not only fix the script where we found the issue, but also checked their code base for similar problems and fixed them as well.

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