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Our Services

We have one mission - to protect your data from hackers at all times!

Vulnerability & Exploitation Analysis

To ensure that hackers have no chance of accessing your data in the first place, our experts identify potential attack vectors in your company. Both web vulnerabilities (websites, web applications) and infrastructure vulnerabilities are analyzed.

Cyber Defense & Intelligence

If a hacker has gained access to your data, our defensive experts will help you. We conduct forensic investigations for you in the event of criminal acts, quickly develop methodical action plans in the event of IT incidents and support you in selecting a suitable SIEM solution.

Security Consulting & Planning

Would you like to know how security problems can occur in the first place? How you can sensitize your employees and how you can best secure your data? We will be happy to advise you! On a strategic level, we help you understand how security problems occur in the first place. On an operational level, we show you how to ensure secure operations. Finally, during tactical security consulting, we fix existing security problems and bring all systems into line.