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About us

Who are the brains behind DriveByte, what distinguishes our team and what is behind our concept? We lay our cards on the table and show you that you can trust us with your data.

Founding DriveByte UG

DriveByte GmbH was founded as a UG in Ulm in March 2020. How newspapers and TV stations became aware of us within a very short time? Why do we flash around cryptic-looking acronyms like eCCPTv2, OSCP and CISSP? Which alliance created by the federal government and BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) do we belong to? In our short existence as a company, we have already reached a number of milestones.

First Contract

No, we weren't on vacation for the first 6 months and COVID didn't get in the way either. Instead, we worked intensively on our start-up and our customer platform DB-Zero in order to be able to offer the best possible service for our customers.

eCPPTv2 Certification

What sounds like an automatically generated password is short for eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester. With the highly respected ethical hacker and penetration tester certification, our customers receive a qualified service according to the applicable standards.

SWP & SWR Coverage

We have the necessary drive, the Südwestpresse and SWR television have also recognized this. "War of the hackers" appeared in the Südwestpresse on 09.01.2021 as an interview around the topic of IT security. A short time later, SWR television was a guest in our tranquil premises and reported, "How a start-up from Ulm protects companies from hackers".

OSCP Certification

OSCP stands for "Offensive Security Certified Professional" and is the most recognized certification in the field of pentesting. True to our values "devoted to excellence", we train our employees according to the highest quality standards.

Federal Cyber Alliance

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint all gamers. We are not on a secret mission, nor are we investigating undercover for the federal government or BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security). As part of the Alliance for Cyber Security (ACS), we support companies in their journey through the world of IT-Security.

CISSP Certification

Another certificate? It's getting boring. But we promise, there won't be many more because the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certificate is THE certificate in the field of information security. We at DriveByte have the privilege to have one of only about 2,000 certified in Germany in our team.

Founding DriveByte GmbH

Contrary to all prejudices, we as IT nerds do not permanently sit in a dark basement! With the upgrade to a GmbH in July 2021, we moved our headquarters to the idyllic town of Tirschenreuth. Here we patiently sit and can hardly wait to save the world from dangerous hackers.


Executive Board

Maximilian Scheurich

Co-Founder & CEO

IT security expert, co-founder and CEO of DriveByte GmbH. Maximilian is an absolute technology expert, hacker sleuth and an honest character. As a computer scientist and certified security expert with many years of professional experience in the automotive industry, he is your contact person for vulnerability & exploitation analysis.

Amir Hosh

Co-Founder & CEO

IT forensics expert, co-founder and CEO of DriveByte GmbH. Amir is not only a language talent and number cruncher, he is CISSP certified and an IT-Security lecturer in his free time. As a computer scientist and certified security expert with many years of professional experience in the automotive, defense and healthcare industries, he is your contact for cyber defense & intelligence.

Our Concept


All approaches within our security services are customer-oriented, each enquired offer by our customers presupposes a Kick-Off meeting with our Pre-Sales-Engineer to assess and discuss the scope of the enquired service. Our customers are then consulted and advised at all stages – beginning with an individually customer tailored service and completed with a devoted execution of such service- our team’s utmost mission is to ensure that all service outcomes obtained by our customers are grasped and fully understood on a personal level.

Raising the bar

Our objective is to provide security to companies’ infrastructures and on top of that to raise the bar of cybersecurity in general. All our processes follow the approved standards of the BSI and are strictly engineered and designed. We empower our clients with our discoveries and prepare those discoveries for both managerial and technical personal. All services include detailed reporting and documentation to aid our customers implement a better security posture.

Qualifications & Standards


The eCPPT designation stands for eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester. eCPPT is a 100% practical and highly respected Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Professional certification counting certified professional in all the seven continents.


Offensive Security Certified Professional is an ethical hacking certification offered by Offensive Security that teaches penetration testing methods and how to use the tools included in the Kali Linux distribution.


The Certified Information Systems Security Professional is a certification offered by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc. The certificate is an internationally recognized certification standard in the field of information security.