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Security Consulting

For every IT Security need, there is a DriveByte Consultant.



A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, or VCISO, is a certified security professional with years of professional experience in cybersecurity. The VCISO uses his or her knowledge and experience in the industry to help organizations develop and implement an information security program.




The choice of a suitable SIEM solution is already a large and important part of the implementation. A critical aspect of the planning phase is the definition of the use cases. Many use cases are already implicitly known or desired and can be discussed by the various business departments and our SIEM specialists.




Our certified and experienced experts will help your organisation achieve various types of industry-standard certifications, such as ISO27K, BSI IT-Grundschutz, BSI B3S, HIMSS EMRAM, DigAV and many others. The experts will consult and provide support during the entire process from start to finish.




DriveByte provides modern, interactive and interesting awareness campaigns on various cyber security topics such as Phishing and Social Engineering. All campaigns are created individually to meet customer specifications and include live hacking demos, phishing simulations, etc.

The Strategic-, Tactical-, Operational Consulting Model

Strategic Consulting

The goal of Strategic Security Consulting is to help an enterprise understand why security problems exist. This is the first step of creating an enterprise-wide information security framework and starts by creating policies to address different scenarios. Information security policies provide a framework that ensures a secure development and operation of systems in a consistent and measurable manner. Enterprise-wide policies address internal and external factors, such as risks and threats. A Security Consultant can assist the customer in creating compatible and complementary policies that are compliant with federal, state, and local laws. Strategic security consulting focuses on high-level issues of functionality and not technologies. During a strategic consulting, stakeholders of information security, such as government regulators, shareholders, customer and employees, are at the focus. Additionally, laws and ethical principles, code of conduct and society needs are considered. A proactive approach to new threats and risks is imposed. A Security Consultant is experienced in executing a business impact analysis that identifies threats and possible attacks, correlating those to possible damages. The benefits of strategic security consulting are vast and include but are not limited to due diligence, feedback about risks impacting stakeholders, and a competitive advantage.

Tactical Consulting

During Tactical Security Consulting , a Security Consultant is focused on mitigating security problems. The priority is to ensure systems are developed and implemented in satisfaction with enforced policies. This task involves establishing standards, planning and implementing security activities. The consultant will provide valuable intel on defining tasks and responsibilities for personnel. The Security Consultant will assist the customer in tailoring and implementing security domains, perimeters and control procedures to protect enterprise assets. These activities include determining firewall types, which Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions to use, and how Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are implemented. As an output for this module, a collection of standards is created that support the security policies developed within the strategic security consulting.

Operational Consulting

Operational Security Consulting is the most technical of all consulting stages and involves answering which procedures, frameworks, tools and practices are to be utilized. All procedures are meant to maintain and monitor the technology and ensure a secure operation while enforcing the information security policies set within strategic consulting. During operational consulting, a Security Consultant will assist the customer in maintaining day-to-day controls, access methods and user practices. Typical for operational consulting is to ensure that practices such as anti-virus, strong passwords, and client patching are satisfied. It is intended to assist the customer during the first stages of monitoring activities, including log file analysis, sandboxing, separating false positives from actual incidents, in such a way that the internal SOC, Blue Team, or security team is able to handle those activities on their own, while keeping a Security Consultant as a means of an on-demand expertise. Operational consulting will ultimately provide the customer with business continuity, secure access to information, and improve the integrity and availability of services.

Your Benefits at a Glance


Personal best-fitting Consultant for customer needs.


Benefit from a wide range of possible branch-specific expertise.


Pragmatic solution-oriented approach to problems.


Certified and experienced consultants at your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Kick-Off meeting perceeds every engagement with DriveByte. In this meeting, your personal point of contact and our Presales-Engineer will help you put your desired ideas into the best fitting form of consulting provided by DriveByte. Some projects require all forms of consulting and at the end, the form of the consulting does not affect execution nor pricing.

DriveByte consultants are flexible, both in time and location. The consultant will adapt to the customer specific needs regarding time and location of service execution. If the presence of the consultant is needed or wanted, on-site engagements can be arranged. If the on-site presence is not needed or wanted, the consultant may execute all consulting remotely via teleconferencing and remote access.

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