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Free Ransomware-Checks to fight Ransomware 3.0

Free Ransomware-Checks to fight Ransomware 3.0

Are Backups Useless against Ransomware 3.0?

The new era of Ransomware has begun - Ransomware 3.0! What has been till today THE way to protect against Ransomware, is now undermined. Backups, or companies own shiny knight in armor, are helpless against the new strains of Ransomware. With what is being called Ransomware 3.0, we have a strain of crypto malware that sneakily injects itself, unnoticed, into backups to poison those as well before hitting a company with a low blow to turn up the heat and increase the pressure on said company to pay the Ransome.

With this level up in the quality of Ransomware, it is even more important to follow the analogy of a fight against a modern pandemic, say COVID-19.

Even though vaccination is proved to be helpful against an infection with COVID-19, it is not the only measure or action we have to take against it – we must top that with simple hygienic rules like wearing a mask, social distancing and an often use of disinfection. To put this in the cyber security realm: it is not enough to backup (=vaccinate) your systems, but you must practice other “simple” procedures to prevent yourself from getting infected:

  • Wearing a mask: proactive protection against Ransomware using Ransomware-Checks and Simulations
  • Social Distancing: choosing certified and secure 3rd-Party Vendors that have access to corporate assets or networks to prevent cross-infection
  • Disinfection: continuous monitoring of corporate assets using modern day SIEMs and SOCs

Now you have all the info you need to prevent a massive ransomware attack against your company, the question is, are you ready to take that step and actively do something about it? Or will you continue saying that “my company won’t be a target of ransomware, not on my watch” like many said before? Because the question with whom you should partner up has already been clarified: DriveByte! We are so certain of the quality of our services that we are actively providing Ransomware-Checks with each booked service for free.

Call us today for a non-binding, free consultation. Discretion is non-optional; your data is safe with us!