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German SMEs, cyberattacks and billions in damages

German SMEs, cyberattacks and billions in damages

Billions in damage due to cyber attacks

From a study by the digital association Bitkom, as reported by Tagesschau, emerges that damages in record amounts have been recorded by cyberattacks on German companies, namely 223 billion euros per year.

German SMEs have been particularly hit by cyberattacks, "no one is spared", according to Bitkom President Achim Berg. In 2020 and 2021 alone, almost nine out of ten companies were affected by a cyberattack, be it data theft, espionage or sabotage.

This increase in cyberattacks resulting in IT system failures is largely due to the rise in ransomware attacks, i.e. digital blackmail. In a ransomware attack, IT systems are blocked and encrypted in such a way that they can no longer be accessed and used by the operator. This can paralyze entire IT infrastructures of large corporations or even healthcare facilities. In the process, the attackers usually have only one goal: extortion! In most cases, the operators are asked to transfer a ransom, anonymously, via cryptocurrency. After the operator agrees to the ransom, the systems are released again - in the best case, of course. 

IT security is a proactive discipline that can be pursued by a moderate effort and a reasonable price, but in return can protect companies against millions of dollars in damages and fines.

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