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T-Mobile US Hacker Attack

T-Mobile US Hacker Attack

T-Mobile under siege, Millions of customers as well

After a confirmed cyber attack against T-Mobile US, so the german Tagesschau, the amount of damage is clarified: Millions of customer data, including but are not limited to - social security numbers and driver license information were leaked.

Lets do some numbers - the attackers managed to steal data with information regarding 7.8 Million contract customers, 40 Million old or potential customers and almost 1 Million of customers with credit accounts. The numbers tell a scary story, but according to T-Mobile, the data leak has been closed and is asking its customers to change passwords and PINs.

What seems to be predictable has been confirmed once again- cyber attacks are on the rise, more and more hackers hold entire corporations under a fictional siege of terror. The US gouvernment appeals to companies world wide to tighten their security parameters and to invest more in information security, for the return of investment is as clear as day.