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Operational Security Consulting

It is important to us to ensure qualified support before, during and after a security incident. For this reason, our experts at DriveByte offer security consulting services at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.


Take it easy


During optative security consulting, we deal with the framework, tools and practices to be used in the event of security incidents. To do so, our experts start by taking stock of current practices.


A little faster?


Based on the current status, our experts next determine which resources need to be secured and which technologies need to be monitored. Guidelines defined strategic security consulting must be adhered to.


Almost there!


In the implementation phase, day-to-day operations & activities are defined that are performed as part of IT security. Of course, you will receive full training from our experts to be able to perform the activities correctly on your own.


Earth & Beyond


Operational IT security is also continuously reviewed for optimization. Secure access to company resources is the focus here. An expert from DriveByte is available to you as a long-term consultant.

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Technical Approach


Operational Security Consulting is the most technical of all consulting stages and involves answering which procedures, frameworks, tools and practices are to be utilized. All procedures are meant to maintain and monitor the technology and ensure a secure operation while enforcing the information security policies set within strategic consulting. During operational consulting, a Security Consultant will assist the customer in maintaining day-to-day controls, access methods and user practices. Typical for operational consulting is to ensure that practices such as anti-virus, strong passwords, and client patching are satisfied. It is intended to assist the customer during the first stages of monitoring activities, including log file analysis, sandboxing, separating false positives from actual incidents, in such a way that the internal SOC, Blue Team, or security team is able to handle those activities on their own, while keeping a Security Consultant as a means of an on-demand expertise. Operational consulting will ultimately provide the customer with business continuity, secure access to information, and improve the integrity and availability of services.