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In our blog, we report on the latest news from the field of IT security. Stay up to date and get exclusive information on how you can protect yourself from cyber attacks and keep your data safe.

Hacker attacks on German companies on the rise

Contrary to popular belief, German companies are very frequent targets of hackers and cyber criminals! According to an article by Deutsche Welle, 19% of the 1000 companies surveyed recorded ransomware attacks in the last 12 months.

Requirements for IT Systems - Security Guideline Active

Die Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV) hat für Psychotherapeut- und Arztpraxen neue verbindliche Anforderungen an die IT-Sicherheit verabschiedet. Hier einen kurzen Überblick über die Reglungen die zum 01.04.2021 in Kraft treten:

New 'Silver Sparrow' Malware Infected Nearly 30,000 Apple Macs

Apple M1 chips have been previously been a target of malware and now once again have researches found new undetected malicious software. The malware was found in over 30,000 Macs running Intel x86_64 and in the iPhone with M1 processors.

3.2 Billion Emails and Passwords Leaked in Data Breach

COMB, short for Compilation of Many Breaches, is thought to be the biggest data breach of all time. The COMB contains round about 3.2 million compiled unique cleartext email and password combinations of data leaks affecting platforms like LinkedIn, Netflix, Gmail and others.

Nuclear Weapons with Money from Cyber Attacks

According to UN reports, North Korea is using cyber attacks and thefts on the Internet to advance their nuclear weapons program. Despite the strict sanctions against North Korea, state-funded hackers manage to raise funds to further develop the state's nuclear weapons program. Many hacker groups are attributed to the North Korean government, including the APT38 (Advanced Persistent Threat 38) group.

Stormshield Sorce Code Leaks After Cyber Attack

The french-based cyber security firm Stormshield was a victim of a cyber attack end of last year which has resulted in the leakage of otherwise confidential source code of two products: Stormshield Network Security and Network Security Industrial Firewall. Forensic investigations found no proof of source code tampering and Stormshield has already initiated countermeasures.

Pornographic and right-wing extremist content injected into online classes

The pandemic has many consequences, including increased home office and online classes. A cyber-attack on an online class of sixth graders in Heidelberg resulted in the injection of pornographic and right-wing extremist content during the lessons. Cyber security is proactive and sustainable: invest now and protect today's youth from such situations!

DriveByte Pandemic Aid - Limited First Come First Serve Offer

The federal government reports new cyberattacks on hospitals and social institutions every day. Outdated equipment and missed updates are fueling this worrisome development. However, especially in times of COVID-19, it is important to protect care providers and hospitals from cyberattacks!